Tips for Choosing New Kitchen Cabinets

If a homeowner wants to declutter or they need more storage room, kitchen cabinets are a great place to start. Whether the cabinets are semi-custom, stock or custom, they can become the focal point of any kitchen. However, homeowners must make certain considerations when choosing new kitchen cabinets. Below are five expert tips on choosing the right Winter Haven wood cabinets to create a kitchen that fits the homeowner’s lifestyle.

Measure Twice

Most semi-custom and standard cabinetry comes in three-inch increments and they’re available in 12 and 24-inch deep options. When measurements and space don’t line up, a homeowner may choose to use a filler, or they may just live with the blank space. Trying to fill the kitchen with standard-sized cabinets is an exercise in frustration, and limited choices can keep the homeowner from having the kitchen they really want.



Custom kitchen cabinetry can be twice as costly as stock, but it’s only limited by the homeowner’s imagination. For those in the middle of the financial spectrum, semi-custom cabinets are a great option. While custom cabinets are typically available in all-wood types, standard and semi-custom cabinets often have pre-fab parts that aren’t as durable. By sticking with standard sizes for most things, and cabinets Plant City customizing only the things that need it, the homeowner can keep costs down.

Consider Function

The way the family uses the kitchen is a primary consideration when cabinets are installed. Some add new kitchen cabinets with a focus on organization, while others want a more accessible pantry. Talk to an installer who can recommend the right type of cabinets for any kitchen and any budget.


Evaluate the Difference

Are the cabinets going to be a display piece in the kitchen, or are they for functional purposes? Does the homeowner want a specific color, or can they live with cherry, espresso or another standard finish? These questions may seem elementary, but their answers may influence a homeowner’s decisions during kitchen renovation Winter Haven.


Scheduling is Important

Stock cabinets can sit on a warehouse shelf until they’re ready for installation. Semi-custom models can require up to a two-week window for installation, and custom kitchen cabinetry jobs can take several months. When choosing new kitchen cabinets, the homeowner should consider how long they plan to stay in the home before relocating. If they plan to sell the home in the near future, stock cabinets Winter Haven can be a real money-saver.


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